Get to know us.

Swan Valley Credit Union has been part of the Swan River Valley and area since 1953. However our roots can be traced back as far as 1939 with the formation of the Crestview Credit Union, the first credit union in the valley. SVCU merged with the Crestview Credit Union in 1965.

Despite our humble beginnings, the belief system of that time laid seed to the founding values and co-operative principles that have grown our credit union in excess of 336 Million dollars. With financial services through out the valley we are over 7000 members strong and employ over 40 people in our community.

Ken Treasure


Ferlin Abrahamson

1st Vice-President

Glen McKenzie

2nd Vice-President

Tyson Campbell


Ken Genaille


Lorne Henkelman


Jaymie Klekta


Cam Mateika


Rosann Wowchuk


Craig Zamzow

Chief Executive Officer

Roxanne Schneider

Chief Operations Officer

Carrie Kruk-Lylyk

Chief Financial Officer

Stephen Tanner

Chief Information Officer

Blaine Campbell

Chief Lending Officer

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